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Everything on offer is vegan/vegetarian fairtrade (or carefully sourced) and selected for minimal packaging.

We offer a wide-selection of drinks including teas, locally roasted coffees, smoothies and milkshakes all year-round. Because we’re primarily a vegan café, we also offer a range of plant-based milks alongside dairy.

In the summer months and into Autumn, our Taiwanese-style vegan bubble waffle ice creams are available. These hefty sweet-treats are large enough to share and are a beautiful sight to behold!

In the evenings, guests are welcome to bring their own booze (BYOB) for an additional £3.50pp. We’ll handle the recycling and provide glasses. This is at the managers’ discretion, so please drink responsibly!

Toasted Ciabattas

Cheese, Mushroom & Tomato

(VGO) Mozzarella and cheddar with grilled mushrooms & cherry tomatoes.

falafel, Hummus, beetroot & rocket

(VG) Falafel, rocket and beetroot with a mixture of hummus and chilli jam.

Sausage & mushroom

(VG) Sausages, mushroom and a caramelised onion chutney (or chilli jam)

Spicy sausage with jalapeno & Cheese

(VGO) Sausages, cheese and jalapenos with a chilli jam chutney.

Wraps & Quesadillas

Piri-piri CKN’

(VG) Grilled “chicken” with spicy piri-piri sauce, wrapped and toasted with cucumber and vegan mayonnaise.

Red halloumi wrap

Fried halloumi cheese wrapped and toasted with cherry tomatoes, with a sharp red cabbage and beetroot salad.

Jerk-tofu & Black Bean burrito

(VGO) Jerk-marinated, firm tofu chilli with mushrooms, potatoes and black beans in a mildly spicy salsa. WIth guacamole, cheese and vegan mayonnaise.

Jerk Tofu Quesadilla

(VGO) Our jerk-tofu burrito in quesadilla form – less filling, more cheese and more toasted!

Cheese, Tomato & mushroom Quesadilla

(VGO) A simple cheese, tomato and mushroom quesadilla.

Nibbles & More


(VGO) Nachos for one served with salsa, cheese and jalapenos. Guacamole also available (£1)

Sharing Nachos

(VGO) Nachos for two, served with salsa, cheese and jalapenos. Guacamole also available (£1)

Bowl of crisps OR tortilla chips.

(VG) A bowl of salted crisps. Dips available.

Falafel & Hummus

A bowl of our tasty falafel and some hummus to dip it in.
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