Legacy Tuesdays

Legacy Tuesdays

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Introducing Legacy Tuesdays, our new offering for established gaming groups that would like a place to meet up and play legacy games together at reduced cost, both for the game itself and table-time at the café.

Our new Legacy Games Package involves purchasing a legacy game from us at cost, alongside enough heavily-discounted table-time to play through the campaign. That way, your group can save a bundle on the game itself, and enjoy a great space to play it in!

We’ll also store the game for you so it doesn’t get lost or damaged during transit, and have your table and game ready for when your group arrives every week. When you’re finished playing, just take the game home!

What’s a legacy Game?

A legacy game not only includes a game-to-game campaign element, but also involves making permanent physical changes to a game over time (think tearing up cards and putting stickers on the board!) Consequently, these aren’t games we can typically offer through the café games library.

What’s the deal, exactly?

We’re costing this at £12 per table, per session for 5 – 6 players and £10 per table, per session for 3 – 4 players. For a legacy campaign that is ~15 sessions long (like The King”s Dilemma) a typical group comprising of 2 members’ and 3 non-members would save around £17.50 each visit, or ~£260 over their 15 sessions, or about 60% off.

We’re providing legacy games at cost, so whatever we’ve paid (including VAT) that’s all we’re charging you for the game itself.

Why are we doing this?

Quite simply, Tuesday nights are our quietest night and we want to see more legacy games being enjoyed here!

I want to play a different legacy game, can you get it in for me?

Yes, we’ll happily order in a legacy game of your choosing, or put together a custom package for your group.
Please email info@goodtimegames.co.uk with the subject: Legacy Tuesdays with some information and we’ll send you a quote and payment link.

Legal Stuff

Refunds: Unfortunately once a legacy game has been opened and used, we can’t typically refund or replace it. (Except for cases where the game needs returning to the manufacturer because of defects or missing components).
Stopped campaigns: It can and does happen! People’s situations do change and some might not be able to continue with the campaign. You’re more than welcome to transfer your sessions to other player(s) but as this is a package deal that we can’t offer refunds for incomplete campaigns.
Time Limits: Legacy campaigns can take a while, so we’re giving customers a standard window of a year to complete their included sessions.
Your campaign might take a few more/less sessions: We’re accepting this as perfectly normal and accounting for it in our pricing accordingly, don’t worry if your campaign needs another session or two to finish.

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King's Dilemma - Legacy Tuesdays Package
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Pandemic Legacy Season 1 - Legacy Tuesdays Package
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