We’re back!

Our opening hours for the foreseeable are as follows:

Monday: CLOSED 😴
Tuesday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Friday: 11am – 10:30pm
Saturday: 10:30am – 10:30pm
Sunday: 10:30am – 10pm

Bookings to come in and play board games are open for groups of six (or two households). It’s usually best to book ahead, but we’re also open for walk-ins. 🙃 BYOB is still available, and priced at £3.50pp for your entire stay.

Our vegan bubble waffles are also back on the menu and the rest of our vegan and veggie options are fantastic value and totally delicious!
We’re still operating as an online board games shop and of course you can pick things up in-store. So do hit us up for any board-gaming requirements!🎁

To keep things safe, we’re still going to be quarantining games and asking everyone to wash their hands upon entry, as well as collect contact information via the NHS app. 😷

You’ll be required to wear a mask when you’re not at your table (unless exempt). It feels great to be back.
Stay safe everyone and we’ll see you soon for some fun and games! 🥰

Back with a bang!

The Alfresco Update

The café has tables outside for “alfresco gaming”

Howdy folks! It’s been a while since the last update… rest assured I’m still here, alive and well and doing my best to improve all aspects of the café and its day-to-day running! Recent projects have included developing relationships with new distributors, namely Amaroni who are well known for children’s games (HABA, anyone?) and specialise in some pretty niché Kickstarter games, TradeQuest.

We’ve made a few minor fixes around the café and we’ve worked hard to build a brand new store-room downstairs. Of course, whilst this has all been happening, we’ve also expanded our games shop to what I’d describe as a pretty good selection! We can usually order in games if you’re after something that’s not on there- just ask!

So what else is new?

With COVID-related things once again moving in the right direction; we’re opening up a little more, and have set up two tables at the front of the café for some alfresco board gaming and dining.

The library has been trimmed to select titles that should withstand the Manchester weather (we get quite a bit of wind on Burton Road!) We’ve added more games to our library since we last opened, so you’ll find Quirkle, Tea for Two, Funghi, Mandala, Royal Visit, Patchwork Express, several games for children and many more for you to enjoy under our colourful awning.

Booking, pricing & time

Because we have a smaller library, and just two tables for two- some prices have been reduced and we’re not taking any bookings. With a membership, you’re able to come and play games for free with a meal from our delicious menu; non-members are also welcome to enjoy some ‘alfresco gaming’ for £3.00 pp. There is a maximum stay of two hours at a table.

Menu Changes

We’ve made several changes to our menu to spice things up for when we open up again, food-wise, these experiments include a yummy halloumi and red-cabbage wrap and a piri-piri chk’n salad wrap (vegan) (if they sell well, then we’ll keep them permanently!)

Our lovely vegan bubble waffles are returning next week (with some good weather – maybe?) New additions to our drinks menu include a Mango Lassi, several new smoothies and iced coffee (for when we are blessed by the sunshine!)


We really can’t wait to be opening up normally again, and will be opening up our booking system as and when we’re confident that the plans to reopen in May are really going to happen. When it does eventually happen, you can be sure that there’ll be plenty of celebrating and we’ll be sure to put on a series of events as soon as we can.

Follow us and look out for the updates and competitions on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

February Plans & Progress Update

This month we’re kicking things off with restocks of Jaipur, Kingdomino and Flip Over Frog which were top sellers over Christmas. New games this month include Love Letter (just in time for Valentine’s day!) We’ve also got the wonderful excellent children’s games Outfoxed and Leaps and Ledges.

Our orders of The Isle of Cats, Photosynthesis, Happy Salmon and the super-quirky Quacks of Quedlinburg finally came in, so we’re happy to report that they’re available through our web store too..

The café itself has had some ~20 games added to the library as we’ve cleared house a bit to make room for them. On the building and renovation side of things, we’ve also had some work done on our kitchen that will allow us to invest in some new equipment to help get our tasty veggie/vegan delights out just a little bit quicker (as we’re takeaway only at the moment!)

In other news, we’re also upgrading the front of the shop with some snazzy-looking awning (with a view to things properly re-opening at some point in the summer). This should help us create a little outside seating and protect the front of the shop from the elements.

The staff are mostly furloughed at the moment, but that’s not stopping us doing everything we can to grow our online business and improve the café, games library and overall look, feel and aesthetic of the place. We’ve plenty of plans in the works, but somewhat limited capacity to execute, due to our “skeleton crew”.

We’re really looking forward to reopening at some point in the future! It’s been a rough ride these past few months, but hopefully we’re nearly on the other side of it. Until then, thanks so much for supporting us, stay safe, and we’ll see you soon! 🙂

– Tom

New Games Available!

New in stock this week from Asmodee (January 24th)

  • Wavelength: A game of mind-reading and team commentary that will reveal the extent to which your thinking is just utterly broken. It’s like a circuit tester for your brain – you can use it to identify where some of your neural wiring has become faulty over the years. In Wavelength you’re asked to pick a point between two extremes, and then have your team-mates guess where your opinions lie. It sounds simple. It occasionally is. Often though it’s a kind of psychotherapy of expectation, where you find out that your opinions can best be described as ‘somewhat perplexing’.
  • Catan (2015 Refresh): The ultimate “gateway game”, got a friend you want to rope into your future board gaming sessions? Start them with this. If you’ve somehow avoided this one, it’s still worth absolutely picking up for it’s broad appeal to both experienced gamers and newcomers to the hobby.
  • Sagrada: A beautiful, ever-evolving puzzle that gets harder and harder – where luck and skill coalesce into a wonderfully-designed “thinky-game”. It’s a particularly good game for two, but can be played with up to four players without any expansions – or even alone, if you like!
  • Hanamikoji: A game where two players compete for the favour of Geishas; graceful women who have mastered art, music or dance after years of training (and are greatly respected and adored.) This gorgeous-looking game is tense, “thinky” and accomplishes a lot with very few components. It’s an abstract game that will reveal its intricacies slowly, round after round!

Shop Goes Live!

Outside too cold and virusy? Jump onto our new online store and pick up some of the new stock we just got in. £2 same/next day local delivery (Manchester area) 😄


Look out for the pre-owned games, which will be appearing on there shortly once we’ve picked them out! #bargains #boardgames #westdidsbury #tabletop 😗

Unfortunately we’re not allowed to do “click and collect” for the time being, but if you live locally we can arrange same/next day delivery. 🙂

We love vegan cookies!

Pop by to grab a cookie, a Christmas present, or just a big cup of our delicious hot soup ? Our last copy of Jaipur has sold! DM us if you’d like us to buy in another few copies in before Christmas! (Or any other requests before Monday!) Thank you for your wonderful support.

– GTG Team x #WestDidsbury #Shoplocal #vegan #vegetarian

The “Real Living Wage” Update

As pledged in our Kickstarter, we’re now an accredited “real living wage” employer!

Board games are always great fun- but so many of our guests positive experiences are carefully-curated by our wonderful staff. Their tireless enthusiasm and hard-work has helped establish us as an awesome place to visit, despite us still being in our infancy!

Our collective goal for this year is to go above and beyond our Kickstarter goals and establish ourselves as a shining beacon of fun and positivity on Burton Road. Despite the challenges surrounding the pandemic (and particularly local lockdown rules) we’ve managed to gather some real momentum, and can now proudly boast that we have over 200 members.

A huge part of our success can (and should!) be attributed to our amazing casual workers who’ve kept Melissa and I sane throughout it all. To that end, we’re investing in our staff’s well-being by bringing our them onto the “real living wage” rate. In time, we hope to bring them on-board as “permanent” employees (however, that’s for another update.)

Massive thanks to all of our members, backers and supporters who’ve made all of this possible.

– Tom

We’re accredited!

Now closed on Mondays, & open on Wednesdays

Hi all, thanks for a great weekend and for all the lovely reviews that were left for us! We hope you all had lots of fun. 🙂

We’re changing our opening times slightly from tomorrow. So we’re not opening on Mondays anymore for the time being, but will be opening on Wednesdays instead.

We’re also opening half an hour later than we were doing too, so 11am – 9:30pm in the week and closing at 10pm on Fri/Sat/Sun. We’re also continuing with the slightly earlier start on weekends (10:30am).

The website and booking system has been updated to reflect our new opening hours so you can get your table reserved if you’re planning on visiting next week. 🙂

See you soon!
– Tom, Melissa & Team

COVID-Update & Safety Measures

Hi everyone! Just a quick COVID-19 update/reminder, you’ll need a mask to visit us if you’re not planning on eating/drinking. This also applies if you’re just nipping in for takeaway food and drink.

We have some disposable masks available to buy (at cost) for those only wishing to play games / who’ve forgotten theirs at home and would like one.

We’re still recommending that you wear one whilst you’re playing games, particularly if you’re visiting at busier times.

Due to the local lockdown measures currently in place in Manchester, it’s one household per table. Please adhere to these rules so that we can (hopefully) have them relaxed again soon!

All the best,
Tom x

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