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Games delivery!

Come and get #Dixit #Pandemic #Patchwork #Monopolydeal #Dontsweatit! (While stocks last!)

Not pictured: delicious vegan soup, freshly-baked cookies and yummy, Christmassy-flavoured paninis.

We’ve also got delicious coffee from Manchester’s own, @heartandgraft (Available with plant based milks, of course!). . . . .

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We love vegan cookies!

Pop by to grab a cookie, a Christmas present, or just a big cup of our delicious hot soup ? Our last copy of Jaipur has sold! DM us if you’d like us to buy in another few copies in before Christmas! (Or any other requests before Monday!) Thank you for your wonderful support.

– GTG Team x #WestDidsbury #Shoplocal #vegan #vegetarian

Takeaway & Christmas Games Update!

Dear denizens of Manchester, we are open for business once again! ☕ Fresh takeaway coffees with specials like the vegan Nutella latte ✨ ? Delicious baked treats, including fresh vegan chocolate chip cookies ? ? A range of takeaway paninis from our menu, including a brand new festive sandwich with ‘turkey’ and stuffing (made with delicious “THIS isn’t Chicken”? ? A collection of board games readily wrapped and available for you to take home today as a gift or for instant fun! ? We’re here all day until 6:30pm, so whether you want to learn a new game or grab some festive sustenance, drop by and say hello!

Visitor Info & July Update

It’s been a busy two weeks!

We’re so glad that lots of you have come out to check out the café despite the pandemic still raging on around the world. Your support really means the world us. Special thanks to the good folks who have even donated a few additional games for our shelves (and for future events/prizes).

We’ve been working hard, problem solving and generally getting the café to run smoother day by day. Our new staff are both amazing, proactive and brilliant with customers – we’ve plenty to learn from them!

July Update

Rules & discounted rates

Currently loving…

Rhino Hero: Super Battle

Our new signage!

Helping us to get the word out…

Our tasty food!

Not pictured: delicious nachos.

We’ve decided that we need a little less ambiguity about what we expect from our visitors and our pricing concerning collectable card games and D&D nights (when it’s safe to host them, we will!) So we’ve put together these policies for those two areas, and also for children / parents.

Our Kickstarter is about to pay out, which means we’ll have the opportunity to purchase a few extra bits and bobs for the café including a bit more shelving and more games.

We’re also looking into the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme (as silly as the name is…) as it might be somewhat helpful in promoting our delicious food and drink.

Our booking system is getting tweaked/improved regularly to ensure that we’re getting folks onto the right tables and we highly recommend using it to ensure that we’re properly staffed and can give you guys the best possible service!

See you soon!

– Tom x

The dancey-cut of our progress (so far!)

We know we’re a little behind… unfortunately the pandemic has made getting building materials especially difficult. Everyone’s gone DIY crazy which has, in turn, slowed us down a bit.

Fortunately – in the grand scheme of things that doesn’t matter too much. We’re just happy to be safe and healthy (and making slow and steady progress to boot!)

We’ll see you on the other side of this! <3

– Tom & Melissa

Name that game!

Hey all, we hope you’re keeping well! Here’s a little challenge we threw together for you to test your board game knowledge… ???? We’ll post all the answers later on today! Good luck! ????… #namethatboardgame #goodtimegames #Didsbury #tabletop #boardgames #challenge

1. Camel Up
2. Sushi Go!
3. Letter Jam
4. Ticket to Ride
5. Rhino Hero
6. Dino World
7. Bears vs. Babies
8. Bananagrams
9. Photosynthesis (love this one!!)

How did you do?? ????

We <3 Wood

The old pine scrubbed up reasonably well for a first pass! We’re working hard to keep the project alive amid all the chaos. #staysafe out there! #rustic #renovation #boardgames #manchester #withington #didsbury #goodtimegames

Oh dear.. plenty to do! #bobthebuilder

We’ve got the keys and are slowly turning 212 Burton Road (formerly The Stove Room) into a 10/10 board gaming venue in #Didsbury / #Manchester.   We’ve got our work cut out for us but we’re slowly getting there! Stay tuned for our Kickstarter launch (soon™) and plenty more updates to come.

– Tom

Plans & Deets

Proposed Frontage

Check out the images below for some more details on 212 Burton Road. Our new address and our plans for the building and layout.

We think the crooked walls and cosy size will lend itself really well to a board games cafe. Hopefully, we can even keep a log burning stove to keep it nice and cosy in the winter!

– Tom

Proposed Frontage
Interior Plans
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