About Us

Hello, we are Tom and Melissa 🙂

We’ve always been “into” board games, but it was in Taiwan (when we were out there teaching) that we discovered several local board game cafes.

It was there that we spent very rainy or unbearably hot days sampling new games and playing old favourites… Before then, we lived in Manchester for several years. We are really excited to return and set up our own board games cafe in in West Didsbury. We’re hoping to be open as soon as it is safe to do so in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis.

Goodtime Games is the product of all the awesome fun times we’ve had playing with our good friends. In many ways, this is their pet-project too. So we’ll be doing our best to make sure that it turns out right, and lives up to the hype!

Building your own board game collection is a pretty expensive endeavour. In fact, we see cost as the biggest barrier to people discovering board games in the UK. Our café is designed to give people access to a massive library of games for around the same price as a nice pint of craft beer or a posh coffee, with plenty of discount available for our regular enthusiasts.

For us and millions of others, board games are a fantastic way to lose a few hours in a casual setting (that’s not the pub!) They’re just perfect for getting away from screens and connecting with friends and acquaintances.

Our café will be the perfect spot for a lunchtime escape, after-work drinks, an evening of entertainment, or just some downtime with friends and family. So whether you’re a complete beginner, casual player or a seasoned strategist; we’ll have something for you from our extensive board-game collection.

We’re really excited to begin introducing more people to the exciting variety that modern board games have to offer. Our library will showcase that variety from day one; from family favourites, modern classics, cult hits, to up-and-coming indie numbers and high strategy brain-busters.

Come opening day, whether you’re feeling competitive or are wanting a more cooperative experience; we’ll have just the right game for you (and your crew!)

– Tom & Melissa

Our shop is now live! Click & Collect or Local Delivery for £2, Nationwide delivery £4.